The United States as we know it is disintegrating before our eyes, occurring at break-neck speed.   A cursory glance at the news headlines reveals more than a handful of crises, any one of which is enough to create concerns. 

These crises include:

(1) the porous (or absence of a) southern border between the United States and Mexico,

(2) the human trafficking that takes place because of the open border,

(3) the mass infusion of drugs such as fentanyl because of the open border,

(4) the extreme anti-law enforcement mindset that infects many parts of our land,

(5) the massive crime wave that is sweeping over our country,

(6) the out-of-control government spending that is rendering our currency worthless,

(7) the rampant inflation that is eating away at the quality of living for so many American citizens,

(8) the lack of U.S. government leadership from the top on down in foreign policy to the point where China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran and their proxies have no respect for the United States on the world stage, and this instability is bringing the world ever closer to WW III, and

(9) the almost insurmountable divide in America between the political left and the political right, as shown by the heated and hateful rhetoric, as well as third-world-like weaponization of governmental agencies against political opponents, thereby creating class divisions to set the stage for a hot civil war. 

Our country genuinely needs a spiritual revival through which many souls come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.  Yet, at a time when America needs Jesus the most, many so-called churches are AWOL from their appointed mission. 

Most Americans do not invest time in Bible engagement much less in studying the Bible. 

Most have no idea about how to study the Bible.   The result is churches full of biblically illiterate churchgoers, many of whom are spiritually lost.

A lack of Bible literacy contributes to why much of the American evangelical church is caving into external and internal pressures to conform to societal norms.  For example, the evangelical church is surrendering to pressure from the LGBTQ movement.   Many so-called churches condone and affirm lifestyles (e.g., same-sex “marriage” and transgenderism) consistent with the LGBTQ agenda.  Tragically, to practice an LGBTQ lifestyle is a surefire recipe to spend an eternity in hell.

To increase attendance or be “popular” or “relevant,” some purported churches preach a watered-down gospel that has no salvific efficacy, i.e., not the saving gospel of Jesus Christ.  Jesus Christ and Him crucified is not a part of their so-called gospel message.

Consistent with mankind’s innate inclination to earn their salvation, many other churches preach a “Jesus + works” message of “salvation,” which does not offer salvation.  One striking example is churches that require water baptism as an absolute necessity for salvation.  Such a message of baptismal regeneration is a false doctrine that lacks salvific efficacy, resulting in its adherents staying on the road to hell.

Finally, consistent with mankind’s desire to be God, there is immense pressure to end life in the womb through abortion.  At the other end of life, there is growing pressure to end life when no longer “productive,” “happy,” or “beneficial to society” through assisted suicide. 

Whew!  A broad look at the world is not pretty.  But, a believer must not give up.  I plan to ramp up my efforts to use my blog,, to speak biblical truth into a dark world.   I’m revising my blog to contain five primary categories about which I will write articles or essays.

The first category is BIBLE STUDY.  Articles in this category will discuss how a person can engage the Bible.  I will use these methods and techniques in my writing.

The second category is the GOSPEL.  Articles in this category will discuss the substance of the saving gospel of Jesus Christ and ways to evangelize lost people.

The third category is LGBTQ.  Articles in this category will discuss the various issues associated with the LGBTQ agenda.  One focus of essays in this category is the biblical truth that those persons who are serial and unrepentantly engaged in the activities endorsed by the LGBTQ movement are on their way to an eternity in hell.  I hope that some of what I write will cause them to repent and trust alone in the finished work of Jesus Christ for their salvation.

The fourth category is BAPTISM.  Articles in this category will address the fallacy of the doctrine of baptismal regeneration, which requires water baptism for salvation.   A doctrine that teaches to trust in something in addition to Christ’s sacrifice on the cross (e.g., water baptism) translates into a damning doctrine with no salvific efficacy.   I hope that some of what I write will cause some people who ascribe to this doctrine to repent and trust alone in the finished work of Jesus Christ for their salvation.

The fifth category is GOVERNMENT.  Articles in this category address the interface between evangelical Christians and governmental authorities.  The primary Scripture in this category is Romans 13:1-7.