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The October 2019 issue of Decision magazine contains a transcript of Billy Graham’s May 12, 1966 address to the American Bible Society.  What Dr. Graham said 53 years ago applies even more today than in 1966.  Below I touch on some of his points that are so very relevant today in 2019. 

First, people like William Tyndale gave their lives so that the Bible could be made available to people.  Yet, for so many the Bible is a “closed book:”

One of the greatest tragedies today is that the Bible is available to nearly everyone, but to millions it is a closed book—either because they leave it unread or because they read it without applying its teaching to themselves.

In 2019, we need to better appreciate the sacrifices men and women have made over the centuries to make God’s Word readily available.

Second, the moral crisis in America is very apparent in the area of sexual immorality.  Dr. Graham says:

Nowhere is the moral confusion more apparent than in the area of sexual morality. We are paying a fantastic price for this moral-sexual confusion, and it is getting worse with every passing hour. It threatens the foundations of our society and the security of our nation.

In 2019, the “poster child” for sexuality immorality is the glorification of the LGBT agenda.

Third, Dr. Graham points out that there are three alternatives to this moral crisis.  One is to let is run free.  The second is “state control” where the government moves into every area of our lives.  The third alternative is a return to the Bible as the moral authority.  A return to the Bible will result in:

Absolutes become fixed principles by which people guide their course from one generation to another. They are true yesterday, today and forever. They are not subject to prevailing circumstances nor superseded by the latest discoveries of science and theories of sociologists. The absolutes of the Holy Bible give us something on which we can depend and by which we can steer the course of society.

In 2019, without biblical moral absolutes, our country is doomed.

Fourth, Dr. Graham gives encouragement that even a few committed people can make a difference:

Just as Christianity began with the dedication of a few in an isolated upper room, so it can be revived by a handful who dare to give Christ all they have. Just as a drop of ink stains a glass of water, so the humblest person in the exercise of his moral choices affects the course of history. When you make a decision to read the Bible daily and to surrender to the Christ revealed in this Book, it could start the trend that could change the direction of a nation. 

In 2019, are there a few good men and women who will stand up for what is biblically right?  Let’s hope so.

“In closing,” my hope is that this blog will have some impact on people returning to the Bible.  It is time for Christians to return to daily bible engagement to better know biblical absolutes, and then apply those absolutes to their lives.  To voice those absolutes in the marketplace and to vote for those candidates who best align with biblical morals.

America is in a moral cesspool and sinking deeper.  There is no time to waste.

I recommend the article.  A link to the article is .  I also highly recommend subscribing to Decision magazine. The cost is minimal and the content is tremendous. Decision magazine is a publication of The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

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