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I just finished reading the September/October 2019 issue of Bible Study Magazine.  While I always enjoy reading Bible Study Magazine, this issue is extraordinary.  When compiled together, the articles provide a solid foundation of tools to study the Bible.  These articles provide an excellent overview of Bible study methodology.  Over the next series of posts, I plan to synopsize the materials.  I recommend every Bible student obtain a copy of this issue.  These articles comprise:

One Precept at a Time by Kay Arthur.

Receiving God’s Message for Us by Peter Krol.

Greek for Beginners by H. Daniel Zacharias.

How to Choose a Bible Translation That’s Right for You by Mark L. Ward, Jr.

What Kind of Passage is It? from Logos Mobile education courses.

Before I post about the articles, I want to address the “Words to Live By,” which are tips by some leading Bible teachers and writers who have written for Bible Study Magazine.  

Eric Mason advises, “don’t wait to feel inspired.”  While we want a “come to Jesus” moment in every encounter with the Bible, it does not always happen.  A steady diet of Bible study is what is important. 

Beth Moore gives three essential tips.  First, make a long-term investment.  As a Bible student logs time in the Bible, they acquire a concordance or Rolodex of Bible knowledge.  Acquired Bible knowledge pays dividends in future Bible study.  Second, she suggests that a Bible student “shake things up.”  For example, one can use a different Bible translation for devotional reading in contrast to the translation for one’s regular Bible study.  Beth suggests using the NET Bible for devotionals and the ESV for her regular Bible study.  Third, Beth recommends that a student “pray for fervent curiosity.”  She prays that God will give her a zeal for Scripture and to make her curious.  She asks that God to “[K]eep me learning, cause me to love it, cause it to be life and breath to me.”

Tim Challies also give three basic tips.  First, he says to make Bible study a habit.  While some folks do not like routine, Tim says “routine is brilliant.”  I agree.  Second, to be read along with routine, “But don’t get stuck in a rut.”  He suggests changing the media from which you read the Bible (e.g., from a tablet to a paper Bible).  Another great suggestion is to read the Bible without verification.  Tim says, “One way or the other, let God’s word soak into your life, soak into your soul.”  Third, Challies advises reading Scripture in community.  Ask your spouse to read with you.  This is a great suggestion! 

I hope this post has been helpful.  Next post, I will consider the “Words to Live By” from JR Vassar, D. A. Carson, and Philip Yancey.  The following post will complete the “Words to Live By” from Trevin Wax, N. T. Wright, Elyse Fitzpatrick, and Jen Wilkin. Then we will examine the articles.

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